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Changing the Face of Men’s Health

Our team is dedicated to living by Movember’s mission: to make a positive and everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. We focus our efforts on raising funds and awareness, in order to bring about positive change. Through the donations we raise, we help Movember support various men’s health programs and research organizations throughout the world. By raising awareness, we’re helping erase the stigma associated with men’s health issues. We’re starting conversations throughout the world to help men take charge of their health and well being.

Your Donations Save Lives

Your donations help support world-class organizations that touch millions of lives around the globe. Donations are spread among prostate cancer research and programs, testicular cancer research and programs, and mental health research and programs. Both prostate cancer and testicular cancer are treatable if caught early, and mental health issues are often treatable as well. Movember’s goals are to reduce the deaths caused by these three issues, and through your donations, it is being done.

For more information on the specific programs your donations will benefit, visit our Movember Programs page.